Do you talk german?

Of course! We can talk and write fluent in german, english or spanish. My german is not perfect, but my latino accent usually bring very funy moments that make people smile and laugh.

You work only in Leipzig?

I’m regulary traveling for work around Germany and Europe, so no matter where, if you wish to have me at your wedding day, we can make it happen! 

You do only weddings?

No… If you re-search for my work and porfolio, you will notice that I work a lot in the sport and equestrian industry. Usually everything that catch my attention.

I personally love working in diverse areas, it keeps me alive and movitated. Something that you will notice inmmediatly if you see me working with the camera.

Why you don’t want to focus on weddings?

Back in Chile I was doing weddings every weekend. It was great, but I was not really happy, because that was not allowing me to do other projects or go for other type of situations I was also very interested to photograph.

You apply filters on your photos?

I have a very realistic/natural style (love natural colors and reality) and for that reason I’m not always the best option for those who loves filters, overworked photos on photoshop or irreal situations. I don’t have anything against it, it’s just that I can’t push myself to work like that to fulfill that kind of expectations.