Hola! My name is Klaus, I’m a chilean who lives in Leipzig and who loves working with the camera with whatever that catch my attention.

I’m a wedding photographer? Yes, no, maybe…

This is a very frequent question, and for that question, I always start explaining that I’m not the traditional wedding photographer. This weddings are not my main focus as a photographer, I don’t consider or promote myself as a wedding photographer.  Yes I have done way to many weddings over the years, but over the years I also understood that I enjoy it even more when I do a couple of wedding every year.

Can I be your wedding photographer?

I see weddings as something extremely unique or important, and for that reason, I always encourage the couple to find the best person/photographer for that day.

I have a very realistic/natural style (love natural colors and reality) and for that reason I’m not always the best option for those who loves filters, overworked photos on photoshop or irreal situations. I don’t have anything against it, it’s just that I can’t push myself to work like that to fulfill their expectations.

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